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We Are DeRu Extracts

DeRu Extracts is your essential oil company with a focus on safety.  This focus includes sourcing pure, tested essential oils that you can trust to have the therapeutic benefits for the oil you choose.  It includes making you aware of contraindications for each oil (look at the safety info on any product page).  DeRu Extracts’ safety focus includes offering pre-diluted oils that you can use topically, knowing that we’ve researched deeply.  We know that you can dilute your own oils and have no problem with that.  We also know it’s just easier to buy a pre-diluted roller bottle and not have to worry about whether its dilution has been researched for safety.  We know that you don’t automatically know which oils are safe for babies, children, and elderly people and you don’t necessarily know the correct dilutions for each age group.  Our safe use focus has resulted in a number of categories for different age groups as well as a safe-dilutions guide for you to use.  This focus will result in more and more articles on safe use for your reference.

DeRu Extracts?

DeRu pronounced “Day Roo” stands for Dedi and Ruth, but most of you already know us, so this likely isn’t new news.  We founded DeRu Extracts LLC in 2018.  When collaborating on this partnership our intent was to only do hemp extract based products and have this as a third business.  This would have given you Terrae Oleum, Dedi’s company, Blends by Ruth Nelson, Ruth’s company and DeRu extracts, our company.  Instead of hers, hers and ours, we decided to make it a single ours.  With Dedi’s singles, Ruth’s blends and our first combined formulation of Powerhouse Salve we already had developed a great solid product line many of you have grown to love.

Qualified aromatherapists Dedi and Ruth both fell into the industry rabbit hole and are avid proponents in wide range research and study.  We find education in this industry paramount to ensuring your receive high quality, consistent products time and time again.

We welcome you to DeRu Extracts where “It just makes scents™.”

A note on organic oils:  while DeRu Extracts does everything in our power to source pure, organically grown oils, we are not certified as a USDA Certified Organic facility.  When oils come in to us as certified, but lose that as soon as we open them.  Without this certification, it is illegal for us to label or market products as “organic.”  Yes.  We realize that some companies do that without certification . . . but we don’t have to pay their fines.  We choose to stay within the law, which means that we will not be able to market the organic oils we purchase as such.  If you are someone who creates products that require oils and you are certified, we suggest that you purchase from a certified retailer like Oshadhi.  Once we break the seal on a certified organic product, it loses its certification because we do not have one.  At this time, we have no plans to invest in the fees or the paperwork hassles that are required to become certified.  Those fees would only be passed onto customers and we prefer to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.  Thanks for understanding this!

How to Use the DeRu Extracts Tag Cloud

DeRu Extracts Essential Oil Tag Cloud


Many times, customers don’t know what oils might address their therapeutic needs.  Because of this, we’ve got our nifty little tag cloud.  Need an oil that will uplift you?  Click on “Uplifting” in our tag cloud.  Need an oil your hubby might enjoy?  Click “Men Preferred” in our tag cloud.  Clicking any word in our tag cloud will bring up the oils that fit that need.

DeRu Extracts Essential Oil Tags on Product Pages


If you’re already looking at a product, you can easily see the needs it addresses by looking at the tags for that oil.  This makes it easier for you to know all of the ways you might use an oil that you’re considering.  Still not sure?  Contact us and we’ll help you choose and tell you the best way for you to use the oils to meet your need.

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