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Deru Delegates Application p2

DeRu Delegate Application

Payment Preference:

If you choose PayPal, you must fill out the payment email on the next page or we cannot send your payment. Store Credit affiliates should just add their DeRu account email.

Payment Preference *

Facebook Email:

We have a hidden Facebook Group specifically for DeRu Delegates. Your email is how we will send you an invitation to the group but it must be the one associated with Facebook. This group is important to you for four reasons:

  • 1) We will discuss things you need to know about laws and what you must do as well as what you can and cannot do ~ this is a very short part of a social learning section and it is required that you complete it before we can activate your affiliate account. This is because what you do can legally affect us unless we show that we've educated you on the law.
  • 2) We will post a variety of links to aromatherapy-specific articles that you can use to help your sales go up
  • 3) We will brainstorm as a team for ways we can all better our strategies
  • 4) We will be introducing new products soon.
    Those in the Facebook Group will be the first to know and will have opportunities to be in trials for some of these!