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Is it true??

I have debated about writing about this for over a year. I wasn’t going to because it really doesn’t pertain to aromatherapy. When I brought it up to others in this industry, they thought it was important that someone does, so maybe it does apply to the industry as a whole. I am not the only one who has seen this happening or been the target of the adult version of telephone, the gossip is over the top in this community. “Can you believe that so and so said that?” If you are shocked, I am surprised. I think in an industry full of women, it is bound to happen. I too have been guilty of it and realized, this isn’t who I am in real life, why am I like this behind a computer screen?? I must have been very lonely.

When I got to the point of “why am I doing this”, it came with other community issues. I was getting constant negative feed from an online aromatherapy friend. I love her, what she says must be true. Then one day, I was running an advertisement for my former business, Blends by Ruth Nelson, when I received a private message. This person was giving me really good advice on what I should do with an ad I had sponsored. I took the advice and went back to thank this person. I hadn’t read the name of the person sending the message, just the message. When I realized it was a competitor that I had only heard negative things about, it made me question my bias, that wasn’t my bias, it was my friends bias.


Eventually the person who gave me this feed back became my friend, then, she became my business partner. I also found out that the friend feeding me this information didn’t even know Dedi. I could give so many more examples of these types of things in the last 5 years of my online presence with social media, but you get my point.

I know in my life, I haven’t always made everyone I meet happy. I have upset people, I have spouted at the mouth because I don’t allow people to take advantage of me or my family. I am sure that not everyone likes me, I am sure not everyone likes you. Well, no one is for everyone. Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to like me. For the sake of all things good and just, if you hear something and think you should believe it, go back to the person who it was said about, and ask them. Typically, their rendition is not going to be the same one you were told.

So, I guess my point of this post is before spreading or believing the he said she said, it is always better to know for yourself. Don’t miss out on amazing friendships and relationships because Jolynn said that Courtney is a terrible person.

One of my best friends from grade school said it best when she said “It doesn’t have to be true to be believed, it only has to be believable.” And with that, I say oil on with love!