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Powerhouse Salve aka “Waaah”


Ruth and Dedi had a couple of products that have had great synergy when used together during tougher times.  A few months ago, we had a customer laughiningly post that she’d love for use to make them into a single product . . .

Ruth and I talked, I sent her my master blend for Ache Away Extreme and she altered her formula for her infamous salve (Super Salve) to incorporate the trauma oil and the new master blend . . .

And we sent out little testers (oh my how adorable those babies were . . .

The feedback has been awesome!  Folks are loving Powerhouse (aka Waaah)!  So, Charlene . . . here you go!  Your fantasy product has become a reality!

Ingredients: Emu Oil, Tamanu Oil, Trauma Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Hemp Extract*, Frankincense Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Copaiba Oil, Hops Oil, Boswellic Acid Powder, Helichrysum Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, Plai Oil, Lecithin

*sourced from Industrial Hemp

We source only pure essential oils, all carriers are unrefined and organic when available.