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Aromatic Cash (Gift Certificates/Store Credit)

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Not sure quite what to get?  Aromatic Cash is always a great hit.  You know they’ll love it!

Find options for sending at the bottom of the checkout.  This is where you’ll either add Aromatic Cash to your account or send it to a friend (you’ll need their email).

If you’ve accidentally applied Aromatic Cash to your own account, give us a shout with the email of the account you’d like it applied to and we can transfer it ~ Just reply to the email you receive concerning the Aromatic Cash in your account.  It’s got a subject line similar to “Congratulations! You’ve received a Aromatic Cash from [. . .]”


Aromatic Cash is a virtual Gift Certificate applied as a store credit to either your account or an account attached to another email.  If you send Aromatic Cash to someone who does not have an account with us, they will need to create an account to use it.

DeRu's Aromatic Cash is available for use immediately after purchase and expires 24 months after purchase.

If someone uses part of the Aromatic Cash you send, the remainder will be available for the 24 month period.

3 reviews for Aromatic Cash (Gift Certificates/Store Credit)

  1. Stephanie Wolfram (verified owner)

    I loved my gift certificate. I used it to buy more Plai. Love it in pain relief blends.

  2. lwierzycki (verified owner)

    Great deal and it’s was emailed fast.

  3. Kelly Evans (verified owner)

    This is such a fantastic deal! So tempted to buy another one! I don’t need it right now, but I know I will!

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