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Beeswax Pellet Filled Lip Balm Tubes

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Beeswax Pellet Filled Lip Balm Tubes make a quick and easy start to a small project. Packaged in a convenient set of three. Premiered in the AromaBox November, 2017.


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Beeswax Pellet Filled Lip Balm Tubes make a quick and easy start to a small project. Packaged in a convenient set of three.

This came to me as I was out of Beeswax Pellets and only had larger chunks available. I just wanted to make a quick few. So I thought, "Beeswax filled tubes would be a great little addition if you didn't want to buy a bunch or had never tried making your own lip balms".

Beeswax is approximately one third of your total composition for the balm. You will have extra in the tube. I thought about sending all three parts to the balm but, everyone has their own likes and dislikes for the oils and/or butters in their balm.

Beeswax is the hardest portion and thus you want to melt it first. To that, add your portion of a butter or oil that is solid or soft, such as unrefined or virgin coconut oil  A little tip if choosing Shea butter, it gets grainy if heated too high or too long. The product is still usable but the texture won't be smooth. It melts quickly and easily into your hot wax so add it when the wax is about done melting and it will melt with very little heating. Then you add a liquid oil such as Jojoba, MCT, FCO, whatever you choose. To this, add any essential oils you would like, keeping in mind that the dilution should be at about 1-1.5% of the total for both skin protection and scent overload prevention.

In addition to your Beeswax Pellet Filled Lip Balm Tubes, you may want to purchase the Silicone Pinch Bowl for microwaving your small batches. Microwave in short burst of 10-20 seconds, due to microwave variations, and pinch to pour into your tubes. Note if using the pinch and pour bowls, the bottoms will be hot. Using the Silicone Pinch Bowl requires a steady hand. If your hand is shaky or unsteady there is a chance of spilling or burning yourself with the hot liquid.

Our friend Deborah from Unfussed Beauty And Body (unfussed.com) has shared a recipe that she trialed in the pinch bowl. Use 5g of the Beeswax and 15g of liquid oil. Heat in microwave 80 sec total in 20sec bursts. The bowl will be hot on bottom. Carefully pour into tubes. Makes 4. Microwaves vary that's why you do it in short bursts just until melted Alternate recipe: Use 5g wax, 5g coconut oil, and 10g liq oil. Because this makes 4, have an extra lip balm tube, a small pot, or dish ready to pour the extra in and enjoy for yourself.

If you are vegan or desire to make lip balm for a vegan friend, check out the Vegan version listed on the site.

Here's to happy lips!

1 review for Beeswax Pellet Filled Lip Balm Tubes

  1. spiritinthewood

    I’ ve always struggled with chapped lips and honestly this is the first product that helps me even after moths of using it. Usually balms work for me for no more than couple of days but this exact one has been a must have for over an year now.

    • Gloria Gregg

      I’m so happy to have helped your lips. My family and I are never without our balms. Although your comment is on the pellet filled tubes, I know you are speaking of a permafrost balm. And so I say, thank you. Gloria “Gigi”

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