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Bite Relief

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When you’ve been the local bug buffet, Bite Relief will help ease the itch and pain.


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Bite Relief was an unexpected addition to the product line. My daughter and granddaughter were hanging at the office with me and we decided to do some blending. Well, we live in NJ. Our favorite joke here is that the mosquito is our state bird. The girls and I decided to do a couple of fun blends. One blend was for bug bites since the girls had been bitten looking at the frogs in the pond behind the office. We created the Bite Relief gel, the trial was successfull and they  made their own labels and designs on their bottles. labels.

My granddaughter was going in a multi family camping trip. Being in the woods, in the summer around here just says, "Here buggie buggie". Her Bite Relief was used and coveted by all. Upon return my daughter in law told me that I must put Bite Relief in my line because it is amazing. And so, I did. We keep it at home, in our camper, and in our travel bag on trips.

I started with a base that was skin nourishing and then added oils to create a blend that works quickly, is absorbed well, and just feels good. For those desiring a more compact blend, check it out in our balm form.

2 reviews for Bite Relief

  1. Linda B (verified owner)

    Oh how I love Bite Relief!! I was recently on an island with a lot of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I seem to be their favorite meal. For me, mosquito bites itch something awful and swell a lot – very quickly. I applied Bite Relief to the bites and INSTANTLY the itching stopped and the swelling went down. Honestly, this is the best thing I’ve ever tried for bites. I’m now remembering my previous experience with Fire Coral while Scuba diving, and how well this worked on that.

    Gigi’s House hit the ball out of the park with this one!

  2. lindabruno208

    This Bite Relief Gel is outstanding! I’ve used it on various types of bug bites, and stings from Fire Coral in the Caribbean (great for SCUBA divers!), and it cools and soothes immediately. The smell is really lovely too! Thank you, Gigi’s House!

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