Gemstone Roller Bottle

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This is a pre-buy order. It will take an estimated 6 weeks to get to you. We will update all buyers with progress. ORDERED!!!! Gem stones are packed and ready. The bottles are in the painting procedure! Expected to ship from the factory on 2/10. We will update when we receive them.



This gemstone roller bottle is a gorgeous addition to the offerings at Gigi’s House. We just fell in love with them.

What sets our gemstone roller bottle apart from the few others we’ve seen available? The stunning silver cap and the beautiful blue bottle. Not the usual cobalt blue, but a blue that fades from a darker blue to a lighter aqua.. Reminiscent of the sea. the gemstone is called “Rainbow Flourite”. It is a beautiful rainbow of all of the Gigi’s house colors of green, blue, and purple. The bottle is a painted glass.

We fell in love with these online and were blown away by them when the sample arrived. The gem stone rollers are packed and awaiting the finishing of the bottle painting. Our excitement is growing. They are expected to be ready o ship from the factory on 2/10. We will update when we receive them.

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3.25 in

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  1. lindabruno208 (verified owner)

    LOVE these!! I ordered 4 Gemstone Roller Bottles and they are STUNNING! The bottles are the most amazing shades of blue, with beautiful silver tops. The gemstones are gorgeous!!! I’m going to have to order more, to give as gifts!

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