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Fir Needle Essential Oil (Siberian)

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Name: Fir Needle Essential Oil (Siberian)

Species: Abies siberica

Part: Needle

Extraction: Steam Distilled

Aroma:  Fresh and balsamic, coniferous


Fir Needle Essential Oil 100% Pure

Name Fir Needle Essential Oil (Siberian)
Batch AS121SF5
Species Abies siberica
Part Needle
Extraction Steam Distilled
Source Russia
Color Very Pale Yellow
Consistency Thin
Note Middle
Aroma Fresh and balsamic, coniferous
Blend Ideas Bergamot, Black Pepper, Cardamom,  Chamomile, Cilantro, Clary SageCypress, FennelFrankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Marjoram, Pine, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree

We source only pure essential oils.

Fir Needle Essential Oil is the stuff Christmas memories are made of . . . especially if it's this siberian distillation.  This is the oil of Christmas trees.  Have an artificial tree?  You need this oil!  Part of the magic of this season has always been to sit around the tree and relax, letting the stress of the season drift away.  That magic had much to do with the calming aroma of the tree.  Get your magic back!

This stress relief isn't just for holiday time, though.  I use it when we're going through changes, be it at work or home.  This oil is very good at helping me keep a steady head and balanced emotions.  I'm not crazy about change and really don't like big change.  Loss and grief are good times to utilize the power of the fir needle, too.

Aside from the obvious traditional scent, fir needle essential oil is known for supporting respiratory systems.  It's also energizing, so I don't diffuse this one at night.  It's a great daytime support, though.  It's a fantastic alternative to eucalyptus for homes with young children in them as it's safe to use with the little ones.  For teenagers and adults, it works wonders in a steam cup.  Add a couple of drops to a cup of boiled water, cup your hand over most of the top, and breathe the steam in through your nose.  Start with small breaths and work into deeper ones, allowing the vapors to get to your lungs.  We suggest you keep the cup on a flat surface, don't hold it.  The water is very hot, after all.

I like to add a touch of it to blends for joints and muscle soreness.  Fir needle essential oil is nice and warming, making it excellent to massage away soreness (diluted, of course).

With our pre-diluted oils . . . if diluted for kids is the highest dilution you see, it’s also the max dilution possible. Pre-diluted oils are in fractionated coconut oil.

2 reviews for Fir Needle Essential Oil (Siberian)

  1. Stephanie Wolfram (verified owner)

    One of my favorite scents! I love diffusing it and making shower discs with fir…energizing for the morning. The scent is so much better than the previous brand I had.

  2. jessijones1415 (verified owner)

    My newest must-have. As soon as I took a whiff, my sinuses cleared and I was left with that gorgeous fir scent. (I hadn’t even realized I was getting stuffy)

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Fir Needle Essential Oil Safety Info

Tisserand and Young note that siberian fir needle essential oil’s high content of α-pinene, ( )-limonene and/or δ-3-carene it should be stored in a dark, airtight container in a refrigerator to prevent oxidation. They also recommend that an antioxidant be added to preparations containing this oil.  Fir Needle essential oil should still follow the safety guidelines below. ~ Source:  Tisserand, Robert and Young, Rodney. Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals: Churchill Livingstone; 2 edition (2013). Reading the full profile for Fir Needle essential oil is highly suggested by your DeRu Staff.

While we’ve made this clear that we are selling this essential oil to use in your diffuser, your inhaler, or topically (diluted), it is a pure essential oil and can be used as such.  With all essential oils:

  • Never use them undiluted, in eyes or mucus membranes (this includes mouth, ear canals, noses, genital regions as well as internal areas).  The strength of essential oils can easily damage these soft tissue areas.
  • Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner.
    Keep away from children.
  • If applying an essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body (after you have properly diluted the oil in an appropriate carrier).

  • Oral Safety is only given because many people have been told to take oils internally.  Because several people look to us for safety advice, we feel obligated to offer those safety statements, although we do not believe anyone should be ingesting essential oils without being guided by an expert.  Experts will take your medical history into account before they suggest oils for you to ingest, diffuse, or use topically.

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    Information provided has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

    The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy. All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion.

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