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We're Giving Away an Aromatic Course!

Happy Chicken Lady Day!


What Will You Do?

November 4th is National Chicken Lady Day and we’ve teamed up with Naturopathic CE to celebrate!


Don’t know what National Chicken Lady Day is?  Don’t feel bad.  We didn’t either until just a few days ago but we knew exactly who we was going to pull into the crazy celebration when we heard about it — Dr. Timothy Miller.  The chemistry man with an incredible sense of humor.  Lucky for you, he jumped right on the Chicken Lady Bandwagon!


According to National Day Calendar:

National Chicken Lady Day on November 4th annually honors Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree.  

For 12 years, Dr. Dupree worked for the second-largest chicken restaurant in the world as the Director of Community Relations and Training. She was widely known due to her work in the community. During this time and through her work with the community and the people she helped,  Dr. Dupree became known as “The Chicken Lady.”

Dr. Dupree led numerous efforts to improve education in her community. She provided training and certification that led to business opportunities to many in her area. She not only led by example, but she enhanced the lives of those around her.

So . . . we’re celebrating by encouraging education within our community and one of you is going to be the lucky recipient of our celebration!  Help us honor honor the lovely Dr. Marthenia Dupree, AKA “The Chicken Lady,” by keeping her legacy of education and community empowerment alive.



For the next 14 days, you’ll have one chance to enter yourself for a scholarship to this incredibly useful class by Rhiannon Lewis!  One entry per account and it cannot be given away, so encourage anyone who could use it to apply, please.  Applications will close promptly on November 18, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.  Think carefully because this isn’t a random drawing.  We’re actually going to read those entries and choose from the cream of the crop.  What will you do with the education you receive with this course?


Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy for Acute Respiratory Conditions


“This course will go over specific aromatherapeutic interventions for acute respiratory conditions, including specific case studies and sample aromatherapy formulations for both infectious and allergic rhinitis, acute sinusitis, pharyngitis, as well as influenza. The course is taught by Rhiannon Lewis.


Rhiannon Lewis is an expert in the clinical applications of essential oils. In this course, she will share her 30+ years of experience in the use of essential oils in the treatment of acute respiratory conditions. This course is specifically designed for aromatherapists, naturopathic doctors, and other natural medicine practitioners. This course is a must for any practitioner interested in the clinical use of essential oils.”



Dr. Timothy Miller
Naturopathic CE
Rhiannon Lewis
Essential Oil Resource Consultants
Dedi Thorne
DeRu Extracts

  • Application deadline is November 18, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Scholarship recipient will be contacted between November 19-20, 2019 and announced on November 22nd, 2019.
  • Winner will be chosen based on the strength of their entry and all decisions are final.  Contact attempts will be made by phone and email to notify the winner.
  • In the event that we cannot connect with the winner by the end of the day on November 20, scholarship will be awarded to the runner up.